An Update on Business-IT Alignment

Michael Kaplan


The following is a quote from A Line Has Been Drawn
 by Jerry Luftman and Rajkumar Kempaiah, Stevens Institute of Technology:

For almost three decades, practitioners, academics, consultants, and research organizations have identified “attaining alignment between IT and business” as a pervasive problem. Is it as difficult as drawing “a line in the sand”? Although we have seen improvement, there are reasons why alignment is a persistent issue – as will be discussed. 

Our research has found that no alignment Silver Bullet exists. Rather, alignment involves interrelated capabilities that can be gauged by measuring six components: communications, value, governance, partnership, scope and architecture, and skills. These six components can then be placed in a five-level maturity model, where Level 5 is the highest maturity. From measuring these six components in 197 mainly Global 1,000 organizations…

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