Our Thoughts on Mobile Apps

Michael Kaplan


Don’t let mobility become a distraction! Many companies don’t have the skill set in-house for either mobile programming languages or for addressing the complexities introduced by providing client-server solutions to clients with inconsistent networks. Getting started can be daunting as you try to decide between an HTML5 approach, platform specific iPhone (Cocoa) / Android (Davlik) or using a cross platform toolkit like Adobe’s Phonegap. After getting started, new complexities arise. On top of that, mobile users frequently require integration with social networks or vertical specific data-stores which were not needed for the desktop version. That makes a new GUI project into a full on system integration.

The mobile app is often meant to be an adjunct to your systems. But it can turn into a major project with tremendous distraction. Your current system may be client-server and not cloud based or not designed to scale. Blue Lotus SIDC specializes in system integration. We are happy to speak with you about the options and provide you with a cost effective way to augment your existing capacities so that mobility specific issues fade into the background and you can focus on your vertical. The initial consultations for mobility solutions are free. See SERVICES for details about how we can help.