Understanding The Big Data Landscape

Michael Kaplan

The Blue Lotus SIDC approach to Big Data is analytic driven. The standard approach to Big Data is to select products from a collection and then try to add analytics later. Our approach is based on the belief that relational technology, which is “mature,” should be used when possible. There are really only two reasons to use Big Data approaches in general:

  1. You have an analytic which is too computationally complex to be handled according to the relational paradigm.
  2. Your underlying data is too unstructured.

During our initial consultation about Big Data solutions, we help you identify the analytics you need that meet your criteria. From there we architect a solution in a vendor-neutral way, allowing your analytics to drive product selection. We understand that for many companies, no one in the company is really expert when it comes to statistics and statistical tools. Moreover, your current system may be client-server and not cloud-based. Typical Big Data analytics may assume cloud-based solutions for extra CPU, and that may not be available. Blue Lotus SIDC specializes in overcoming these difficulties.

The initial consultation is free! While IBM global services and HP offer consulting services, they are not aimed at companies under 1000 employees, and thus are simply not cost effective. See SERVICES for details about how we can help.