SynapZen Partnership Announcement

Michael Kaplan

We are pleased to announce our partnership with SynapZen Inc. SynapZen chose Blue Lotus as its professional services organization because of our extensive experience with integration across verticals. Blue Lotus chose SynapZen to be its preferred provider of MDM solutions because its innovative technology enables enterprise customers to transcend functional silos and take a more holistic approach to master data management, with cloud or on-premise deployment options.

I highly recommend a visit to the SynapZen website (, where you may see an introductory video on how MDM can benefit today’s enterprise. We at Blue Lotus have worked with SynapZen and have developed expertise in implementing such solutions from start to finish. If you have any questions or wish to learn more about their MDM solution, please do let us know.

About Blue Lotus SIDC

Blue Lotus SIDC (System Integration and Data Conversion) is an architect-based, solutions-engineering company headquartered in Princeton, NJ. Blue Lotus SIDC offers maximum flexibility of cost and design through a distinctive philosophy and management approach. Our architects’ knowledge, flexibility, and collaborative skills allow us to customize solutions to meet your unique business needs – on site, off site, or off-shore.

Blue Lotus SIDC specializes in helping those who are tasked with integrating two disparate systems or moving data between two incompatible IT systems. Blue Lotus SIDC has extensive experience with data formats, included obscure legacy formats and tool vendors, which can allow for data conversions that are complete and cost effective. In addition, Blue Lotus SIDC offers a variety of services to its customers, including mobile application design, risk management, technology acquisition, vendor management, operational assessment, project management, staff augmentation, and post-merger coaching.

Our architects are especially trained in the Blue Lotus SIDC principles – drawing on best practices from both project and product engineering models.  See our services page for more information about the Blue Lotus SIDC principles. Our architects have worked on a variety of projects in a wide range of industries, including telecommunications, financial services, broadcast media, publishing, education, and health care. We take the lead in managing all of your IT, staffing, and personnel resources.

About SynapZen

SynapZen provides innovative technology solutions for today’s enterprise IT departments. SynapZen MDM hub enables companies to significantly increase collaboration among departments, improve sales & marketing initiatives, reduce customer dissatisfaction, and provide a foundation for regulatory compliance reporting.

Multi-Domain Master Data Management (MDM) software technology manages information for key entities such as customers, contacts, vendors, products, employees, etc. Most organizations use multiple application systems to perform various functions such as marketing, sales, operations, support, etc. This results in multiple application silos within an enterprise, making it difficult for companies to do holistic marketing, sales, operations and support initiatives. In today’s globally competitive business environment, it is very important that each department collaborate at the individual data level, not just at the functional level, whereby companies can ensure their top customers get the best service, and do not look for any alternatives.

SynapZen MDM technology allows clients to centralize key information from all internal and external sources into a master data repository, enabling them to standardize, cleanse, enrich and consolidate their data into master records which act as a “Single version of Truth” or “360 degree view”. It provides a data governance platform, which can help a centralized team monitor, evaluate and re-act to events in real-time and in a holistic manner, enabling each function to focus on its main mission, rather than worry about data issues.