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Blue Lotus SIDC (System Integration and Data Conversion) is an architect-based, solutions-engineering company headquartered in Princeton, NJ. Blue Lotus SIDC offers maximum flexibility of cost and design through a distinctive philosophy and management approach. Our architects’ knowledge, flexibility, and collaborative skills allow us to customize solutions to meet your unique business needs – on site, off site, or off-shore.

Our architects are especially trained in the Blue Lotus SIDC principles – drawing on best practices from both project and product engineering models. See SERVICES for more about the Blue Lotus SIDC principles. Our architects have worked on a variety of projects in a wide range of industries, including telecommunications, financial services, broadcast media, publishing, education, and health care. We take the lead in managing all of your IT, staffing, and personnel resources. The Blue Lotus SIDC approach is based on three models, developed by Blue Lotus SIDC Managing Partner and Chief Technical Architect, Jeffery Bolden. His approach, when practically applied to real-world scenarios, have helped companies intimately understand the entire road map of their projects – its past, present, and future – leading to more successful outcomes.

Blue Lotus SIDC has delivered over 150 software projects and complex integration services to over 40 clients. Blue Lotus SIDC has sites based in the US, the Ukraine, and the Philippines, and has a proven track record of overcoming obstacles and matching the best people with the right projects. Blue Lotus SIDC focuses on the evolution of your systems and your organization. Whether you’ve already got a team in place or need to build a team for a new project, our lead architects are dedicated to helping you manage your technological and human systems, structures, and vendors creatively, realistically, and cost-effectively.

We’re different because we listen first, we lead within the culture of your business, and we are invested in ensuring your success. We listen to and care about your goals as much as you do. Initial consultation is a critical part of providing the best service to you, so while you’re talking to us, the meter isn’t running. We offer personalized services and competitive rates. Based on your goals, we create and deliver custom solutions, so that you can focus on what is most important to you – results.

For outsourcing projects, we are outsourcing specialists with vision. Our US based architects provide leadership from experience. The Blue Lotus SIDC leadership team understands the nuances and issues inherent in outsourcing scenarios. We will help you reconcile expectations among all those working for you and guide your business through the inevitable challenges that arise from technical, cultural, communication, and translation issues.

Our TRAC number is: 5-15-689-3340-26