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Blue Lotus SIDC has delivered over 150 software projects and complex integration services to over 40 clients. Following is a sample of our clients.

AsterData was one of the early innovators in big data, having a viable solution for integrating map-reduce with SQL that predated projects like Hadoop and Mongo. Prior to their acquisition by Teradata, Blue Lotus SIDC partnered with Aster to provide integration services for Aster clients. This allowed those clients to scope the map-reduce SQL system and integrate it into their full BI tool sets.

Compassionate Care Hospice is a community-based organization with more than 1,800 employees which provides hospice care to patients, their families and friends in 12 states. Blue Lotus has focused their IT systems on a fully integrated electronic medical system tying treatment, invoicing, accounting, payroll, and community relations into an integrated communications platform. Additionally Blue Lotus SIDC helped design one of the earliest low density MPLS networks tied to a complex HiPAA complaint mobility solution, creating a model for QoS voice with additional mobility features like automatic call recording, while offering redundancy in a cost effective and efficient manner.

CSC is one of the largest outsourcing and infrastructure companies in the United States. Blue Lotus has often acted as a sub-vendor supporting them in requirements gathering, investigation of legacy systems, integration support and data conversions.

Dorado Systems makes an insurance eligibility validater. Blue Lotus SIDC integrated this system directly into several EMR/EHR products as well as customized sales workflows and CRM so that insurance validation became part of the intake process.

Educational Testing Service (ETS) is the world’s leading testing and administration service famous for their testing support for the College Board, the National Center for Education Statistics, and state education departments, as well as their own tests. Blue Lotus SIDC helped design and manage the production for three of their test scoring engines one of which resulted in a patent for our Managing Partner.

HealthNet is a west coast insurance company insuring 6.6 million people. Our involvement with them started even before Blue Lotus SIDC was formed where three of our architects met. One led the IT purchasing group and eventually architected one of the first unified corporate wide production print and fulfillment centers. Another was heavily involved in restructuring the HealthNet benefits system, eventually taking it over, and is still active in the role of chief analyst for the replacement claims engines. The third introduced a unified marketing and sales system when such systems were cutting-edge.

High Tower Software (acquired by Black Stratus) High Tower makes an event correlation engine / event logger for Network security. High Tower’s original GUI had been designed for NASA as an X11 only application. They needed a conversion to a fully Windows interface. Blue Lotus SIDC architected the conversion and provided a QA team to oversee the work.

Mental Health Services of Arizona is a company that needed a complete legacy integration of their AS/400 forms (group billing, claims processing, invoicing, etc.) The system had strong dependencies on Xerox metacode and expected continuous interaction that could only be performed by bus & tag. Blue Lotus introduced a virtualizer to pull those jobs into print queues, which then converted them to more modern formats (PCL, PDF..) so they could be distributed to modern printers or desktops directly.

MetTel is a Verizon MVNO specializing in providing business telecom. Blue Lotus partnered with them on complex integrations for an early MPLS deployment where they needed to provide a range of services including BGP inside of MPLS and custom firewalls at the carrier level.

Prior to the Microsoft acquisition Blue Lotus SIDC partnered with Nokia USA marketing team to help construct a partner’s program for the United States.

As part of the Zoetis divestiture, Pfizer needed to split many systems that supported both internal and the now external Zoetis, preventing data leaks. Blue Lotus SIDC was called in to write custom scripts and oversee the processes especially in the area of HR data and training information for pharmaceutical sales reps.

Secure Computing Systems makes an EMR for hospice and palative care. Blue Lotus SIDC was involved in adapting a calendaring and groupware system to the curses based internal system. We also assisted in creating an early data warehouse, data conversion efforts, and a logistics system for home health aides. Several years later, Blue Lotus SIDC helped the company transition to a mixed in-house / outsourced development model.