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The petals of our Blue Lotus SIDC logo are distinct from one another, yet rest together as a blue field. The seemingly disparate petals unify to reveal a flower greater than the sum of its parts. This is a perfect metaphor for how we view IT and operations systems. Team members can experience a conflict of values and psychological disposition that can make working together dysfunctional. We call this the “Dichotomous Conflict.” We provide a methodology called the Diamond Blue Lotus Meeting Approach (DBLMA) for sidestepping the Dichotomous Conflict, which increases productivity and decreases stress.

We believe Dichotomous Conflict is rooted in moral instinct, which itself is rooted in an individual’s psychology. Our discussion of business psychology shows why Dichotomous Conflict is often the norm for IT projects and what can be done to resolve it.

As discussed in our book, Project Shaping: The Blue Lotus Guide to Avoiding the Misconnections that Cause System Integration and Data Conversion Failures, all of the Blue Lotus SIDC principles draw on concepts from the I Ching, which addresses an interesting dichotomy in the dynamics of human relations and individual personalities through two contrasting ideals for organization: an army and a fellowship.