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Jeffrey Bolden, Chief Technical Architect and Managing Partner


Blue Lotus SIDC was founded on Bolden’s unique approach to and principles of product and project management, systems integration, and data conversion. Bolden responded thoughtfully and creatively to IT and personnel issues that arise in the current culture of business, developing and implementing new ideas that allow companies to evolve and thrive. His theories are also the basis for his forthcoming book, Project Shaping: The Blue Lotus Guide to Avoiding the Misconnections that Cause System Integration and Data Conversion Failures.

In addition to his successful career with large USA companies as a Systems Analyst, Technical Architect, Director of Development and then CIO, Jeff’s accomplishments include:

  • Joining legacy systems and data with cutting-edge technologies while preserving the business knowledge held within the code.
  • Tying corporate CRM systems directly into advertising systems, and developing proprietary technologies for graphic manipulation, resulting in a $4.3 billion contract for Bank of America.
  • Developing and deploying an event-correlation engine – integrating disparate network security systems into one cohesive monitoring tool—that allowed engineers to interpret millions of security events per minute.
  • Designing and deploying a paraphrase engine – a system capable of determining whether two statements have the same meaning when the language used is very different.

Ian F. McGrady, Chief Marketing Officer


Mr. McGrady guides Blue Lotus’ strategic development, product development, sales and distribution channel management, public relations, advertising and promotions, pricing, customer service, and market research. He anticipates future trends in IT and business effects, staying aware of competitive insurgence, maintaining customer needs and satisfaction. McGrady is co-author with Bolden of the book, Project Shaping: The Blue Lotus Guide to Avoiding the Misconnections that Cause System Integration and Data Conversion Failures. Ian began his career in broadcast journalism at ABC News and wrote and produced nightly and weekend newscasts including 9/11 coverage for News 12 Networks. Mr. McGrady is a frequent public speaker about issues of leadership and motivation. He is also executive producer of a rock album.

Michael C. Mendelsohn, Interactive Designer


Mr. Mendelsohn is responsible for design and delivery of the look, feel and implementation of Blue Lotus’ interactive projects. He comes to Blue Lotus SIDC as a multimedia audio/video/desktop/web producer, designer and editor who has worked in industrial advertising, interactive media, television and music for more than a decade. His recent accomplishments include design and development of a highly-rated and well-reviewed iPhone application. He has worked with such notables as Chris Rock, Tom Stoppard, Debbie Harry, Mick Rock, and Wanda Sykes.

Zhenya Rozinskiy, Outsourcing and Foreign Development Specialist


Rozinskiy is a leader, adviser, and speaker focused on managing software development, with over 20 years of expertise in leading technology product development, building effective teams, and overseeing outsourcing projects. Rozinskiy’s passion is working with people and building effective teams, and he believes that his primary goal is to find the right spot for each person in an organization and always remains dedicated to delivering only the highest quality of projects.

Michael Kaplan, Director of Development


With experience in commercial product development, project management, business analysis, systems analysis, and software process improvement, Mr. Kaplan brings his diverse portfolio of skills and expertise in the software industry to Blue Lotus SIDC. He leads delivery efforts focusing on requirement facilitation, composition of requirement documentation, and the development and delivery of complex software systems including commercial software products. He advocates for best practices in professional software engineering, assisting client teams with: coding standards, code reviews, source control management, build processes, testing and agile methods, and acts as liaison with both technical and non-technical personnel at all levels of the organization.